What do you look for?

  • Teams who are tackling something important.
  • Teams who have experienced a problem, have not found adequate solutions in the market and have started building their own.
  • Teams who are creating unique technology that can impact society immensely.
  • We want to be proud of our investment decision even if the company does not attain its goals.

What is your average investment ticket, stage, geography, industry?

  • We typically invest between €150k and €2m in the seed stage.
  • We are usually the first investor with an investment over €150k.
  • We are not constrained by a geography or industry.
  • We care more about the people involved and our role in the company.

How can you help me?

The most likely reason why you would fail in achieving your goals is that you run out of energy. The most important thing we bring is experience building a company and the fluctuations in energy, the doubts, the people conflicts that arise. We are a sounding board, a coach, a mediator, a motivator - on top of sharing our own experience. We’ll be on board long after you’ve passed the startup phase and remain available to guide you through next funding rounds and potentially an exit.

How do I reach out?

Contact us with a message about why you have started your company.

What is your investment process?

Unfortunately we are not fast. We take our time to get to know you. We want to find out if we want to work together in the next years. No 1-meeting decisions here. Typically we need 5+ calls. That’s why it is best to reach out to us and start a relationship early. We’ll try to help you even when the timing for an investment is not right. When we invest, you’ll have the backing of at least 6 entrepreneurs who invest their own capital and have independently reviewed your plan.

Do you lead?

Yes, but we are also ok to co-invest.

Do you take board seats?

When relevant.