What we believe

We apply these values in our decision making



We care deeply about why you have started the company. The why does not need to be spectacular but the relentless motivation needed to get through the challenges of building a company needs an energy source. The more powerful the why, the more energy the team will have to achieve its mission.


Value First

We prefer to build relationships with founders first. We take our time to get to know the team, the mission and the company. When we connect we try to help wherever we can regardless of our investment decision at that time. It is in both our best interest to get to a point where we can invest, so we invest time in helping projects who are not there yet. We’ll also tell you if an external investment is not the right path in our opinion.



We don’t seek the best deal for investors, nor the most founder friendly. A balanced deal is ultimately the best situation in the long term. The highest valuation might make it impossible to raise further capital, the highest dilution is a drag on the founder’s long term motivation.



We are humble about what we know and can as an investor. Sharing our own experiences and common patterns with founders can be very helpful but if and how you apply them to your business is in your hands. We’ll often stick to asking you humble questions. Many times those are the questions that really make you think.



We take into account the personal context of the founders. Their personal development is just as important as the development of the company. The relationships between the founders are a blueprint for the culture they will create. We help founders overcome difficult situations. Investing time in the personal growth of founders helps them not to become the biggest obstacle to achieving their mission.



We are willing to sacrifice short term gains for long term value. We have the patience to give time to teams to build strong foundations. We are looking for a pace that is right for the product, the company and the market.



Courage is the limited space between caution and recklessness. It is somewhere in the intersection between humility and passion. We like bold vision with practical plans.



Every company is unique because every industry is different and the times in which it is built is different. Each of us has experience in building a company but that does not mean it can’t be done differently. We believe in freedom with optional guidance.



We like to do new things. We do not operate according to a formula, nor do we have a fixed scope, investment thesis or industry focus. However, naturally each of us has tendencies to invest in what inspires them and what they have experience in.