8 Positive Transitions

Most of all, we're interested in what made the founding team pick the problem that drives their business. Second, we prefer to invest in companies that aim to create positive societal transitions.

We do not invest in companies that harm society or the planet. All of our investors are seeking more than just financial returns. We are double-bottom line investors, focusing on positive societal and planetary impact.

Paradigm shifts

Two major paradigm shifts cause many positive transitions in society today:

  • Power to the people: the availability of technology and information enables people to rebalance power structures legitimately.
  • Sustainability: it's common sense that we cannot destroy the greater good for the benefit of the few

From limited energy resources to energy abundance

Sentient grids, electric revolution
There’s no lack of energy, but it is difficult to capture and convert it efficiently. Through new sensors, AI and IOT, every building will be a contributor to the energy production market. Electricity will be abundant, powering all devices.

From an exploitative economy to a sustainable economy

Carbon capture, geo-engineering
Our natural resources are limited. We cannot keep ignoring this and need to transition from an exploitative economy to a sustainable economy.

From processed rubbish to natural produce

Decentralized food
Centralized food production deprives food of its nutrients. Fresh produce to feed a growing population is one of the major challenges of the next decades. Especially as it’s estimated that, at this rate, we only have 60 years left of farmable soil.

From deception to trust

Decentralized, mathematically verified transactions
Blockchain is digitizing trust. Trust is the übercurrency of an economy. The more trust we have in one another, the faster we can create a more inclusive, sustainable and frictionless society.

From finance for the few to finance to all

Investment platforms
Technology will reduce the cost of research, risk management and transactions so that financing projects can be done by every stakeholder.

From salary slaves to passion workers

Remote work, flexible workforces, vertical software solutions, software building software
Software will automate every tedious task in many industries and connecting the right person to the right job will be far easier. This will reduce mind-numbing tasks and create time and flexibility for people to work on what they love and are good at.

From being the product to owning the product

Privacy & security
Centralized personal data aggregation is making it easier to influence behavior or even steal one’s identity. Technology will make it possible for people to own and control their data with full autonomy.

From patients to clients

Human optimization, patient empowerment
Data and continuous monitoring will provide radical new insights into optimizing human capabilities and health. Technology will empower the patient to manage their own health.