Our why

Entrepreneurs instead of bankers

Having already built companies, we are no longer solely motivated by cold, hard financial goals. We give more than capital only and seek more than financial returns. If we are not for you, we’ll be honest about it. We will do our best to connect you further or share our perspective on your best options.

That's why we're building Torus—a collective of tech entrepreneurs-turned-investors, who will join your team, technically as an investor, but in reality as people who share you challenges and victories, you personal ups and downs.

The time for change is now

Our society has grown at the unacceptable expense of nature, happiness and fairness. Every generation has its major struggle. Our generation—all who are alive and able—are responsible for getting things back on track.

We are entrepreneur-investors who choose to direct our capital and energy into founders with whom we can co-create a world in which we all want to live: happy, healthy, flourishing, and fair.

That is why we make investments in companies focused on the betterment of society. We’ve defined 8 positive transitions in society that we want to contribute to.


As investors, we are uniquely positioned to promote projects. This comes with great responsibility. Therefore everyone at Torus subscribes to this Oath.


  • I endeavor to help create positive outcomes for all of humanity.
  • I consciously avoid harm to any parties.
  • I am open and honest in all of my dealings with those that I serve.
  • I keep all matters that are understood to be private safe from disclosure.