Are we for you?

The founders

Energy source

You've found a purpose that gives you the energy to build something great. Your energy might stem from a problem you've experienced, a personal life event or a passion for a certain technology. What energizes us is paying our experience, network and capital forward to founders.


We're looking for people with whom we'd love to spend an evening around a campfire. We suspect to learn as much from you as the other way around. After all, we want you to be an investor with us as well. We believe in conscious leadership, evolving personally through our activities and interactions.

Some questions we may ask

  • What motivates the founders?

  • Are our values aligned?
  • Does your company make financial sense?

The mission

We take it as our responsibility to deliberately invest in missions that contribute to a positive transition in society. See our why.

Your mission needs to become our mission as well. This is also why we have removed structural misalignment between founders and investors which can be found in most vc structures. Eg. Our exit horizon can take 15+ years.

Some questions we may ask

  • What is the size of the problem?
  • Have the founders experienced the problem?
  • How is it being solved today?
  • What if this is the last thing you do?

The company

While we may fully support your mission, you need to be able to build a company around it. In its literal form, this means you need to be able to attract great people and organize them to build great technology to achieve your mission. In the process you have to capture a large portion of the value you’ve created.

Some questions we may ask

  • Can this organization achieve the next milestone towards its mission?
  • Is the team top notch and complementary?
  • Is the company able to recruit quality people?
  • Is the culture open, diverse, fun?
  • Does your company make financial sense?

The timing

We are usually the first professional investor. See how we can help. We don't rush. We deliberately take our time to get to know you.

We want to find out if we can work together for the next ten years.

That's why it's best to reach out to us and start a relationship early. We'll try to help you even if the timing for investment isn't right. When we invest, you'll have the backing of at least six entrepreneurs who've independently reviewed your plan and will invest their own capital.

Some questions we may ask

  • Are you an early-stage software or hardware technology company?
  • Do you need €500k - €2m to get to the next milestone?
  • For software products, do you have a product and some friendly customers?
  • For hardware products, do you have a prototype?
  • Do you want entrepreneurs as investors?

The investment

Only one question remains, is this a good investment? A good investment is one that makes financial sense given all of the above criteria. We are not looking for a minimum return but for a balance between measurable success criteria.