Founder’s health

Change is permanent

Building a company happens while you are also building a family, saying goodbye to people, moving to a different place etc. You are evolving as a person rapidly. When asking a founder how they would compare themselves against who they were 5 years ago, the answer is always one of big transitions. When they've sold, left or closed their company, they say next time I will do things differently.

Evolution is the key

We recognize that each company is a reflection of the personal growth of its team and especially its leaders. You *will* hit a wall. You *will* be confronted with your personal limitations. Whether you overcome them or become the biggest bottleneck to achieving your goal is often a matter of awareness. Therefore we pay close attention to founder's health, mental health in particular and team dynamics. Therefore we pay close attention in particular to founder's mental health and the team’s dynamics.

It is reciprocal

Change and evolution applies to us as well. We say we are seeking more than finical returns, we say we are goin to give more than just capital. We are looking forward to evolving personally through the commitments we make to you and your team. There are still things that we don’t know, things that you can teach us and challenge us with. A symbiotic relationship.

We are working on a structured approach for founder health / personal growth.